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Payslips for RTI PAYE Tools

Version 2.27 released.

Print Payslips from HMRC's free RTI tools!
Works with 2017 PAYE Tools!

Works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10!


Payslips for PAYE Tools Registered Users FAQ's

How do I find out about updates

New versions will occasionally appear on the website. After we are satisfied that the version on the website is stable enough we will update an RSS newsfeed. We used to notify all registered users by email, using their most recently registered email address, however do to the increase in spam filtering, and a huge number of out of date email addresses, we have stopped doing this.

Please do not install a newer demo version of Payslips for PAYE Tools onto your computer. The demo version is different from the registered version, and you must wait for the full version link.

Get version 2.27 now

Fill out the form below with your order number, and you can instantly download the latest copy. Please make a backup copy after your download, as the number of free downloads is limited.

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If you have lost your order number, please request it by filling in the form below.

If you purchased by post, use your invoice number.

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I need to re-install Payslips for PAYE Tools, but can't remember the installation password, or have run out of download attempts.

This is our most common support call. When you initially download the software, or when you download an upgrade, please save a copy to a backup location for your future installation needs. You should also write down your password, which will also be required on reinstallation. Your password was sent with your original purchase.

Generally we will re-issue your password and re-enable the download link free of charge within one week, but we do reserve the right to make a charge for it in the future.

Please submit your details using the form below.

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How can I change my registered email address?

Please submit your details using the form below.

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