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Wieser Software Privacy Statement

Last Updated 2 Dec 2019

The information in this document applies to all of our websites, including:

Your Privacy

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We don't believe in collecting unnecessary information about you, nor do we pass on your information to third parties.

Nor do we collect personally identifiable information about you unless you purchase our software.

What we do collect

When you visit our website, we collect information about the IP address your computer is connected to, as well as the pages you visit. This is collected into a logfile that describes what you requested, including the following:

None of this contains any personally indentifiable information. We use this information to improve the website, and decide where we should list our software.


Some of our software will open a web page on our site when you uninstall the program from your system. You can simply close this page if you do not want to give any feedback.

We use this information to determine why you chose not to use the program, and to decide which features and improvements are required.

We request your email address, but this is optional, as is all of the information requested.


When you purchase software from us, we record your personally identifiable details for the purpose of providing customer service, and processing the transaction.

We use PayPal for payment processing, and we do not hold your credit card details. PayPal notifies us of your name and address and the amount you have paid, and the IP address you ordered from

Along with this, we correllate a single piece of data that was collected when you first visit. This is a small value that tells us how you first found our software site. Because we pay to advertise the software, we need to know which advertisements actually work. By finding out this information, we can keep the price of our software low, by only advertising where it is worthwhile. We hope that you do not find this offensive or unethical. We are only trying to provide the best service possible.

Support Requests

When you request support, we keep your emails for future reference. Eventually they are archived.

Product Updates

Our automated update system keeps track of the date and time, IP address, and your license ID, as well as the number of times you have downloaded.

We use this information to limit the number of free updates you can obtain, to prevent overload on our servers.

In addition, we can use this information to prosecute software pirates who obtain our software fraudulently.

Software Piracy

We are a small company and suffer from software piracy, despite having low cost products. In the unlikely event that you attempt to steal our software, your computer may send personally identifiable information to our server, and we may take steps to prosecute you.

Company Details

The websites described above are owned and operated by Elizabeth Wieser, doing business as Wieser Software at 28 Green End, Fen Ditton, Cambrige, CB5 8SX. Wieser Software was previously Wieser Software Ltd, registered in England and Wales, #3516245.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies to record how you discovered our website. This is used only to evaluate whether our advertising money is spent effectively.

We also generate a cookie on our buy now pages, that is used to an order ID when you purchase.

Our advertising affiliate programs will also drop cookies.

Please visit this Microsoft site for more information on the Do Not Track preference.

Affiliate Programs

We are members of several affiliate programs to recommend items that we thing are useful to you. We are affilitated with

When you click on an advertising link on our website, you will be redirected to the advertiser's website via the affiliate network internet domains and that these domains use Cookies.

You can change your tracking preferences on these affiliate networks by going to

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