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Most of our products are available for purchase via the internet, for immediate delivery via a download link emailed to you after purchase. Nearly all support a free trial period as well. Please feel free to download any that may be of use to you.

Audio Recording Software

RIP Vinyl RIP Vinyl Program Icon

RIP Vinyl allows you to convert your old Vinyl LP's and tapes into files for your computer with no interaction.  And now, you can even record what you're listening to on Vista. You can then save the files onto a CD or your MP3 player for your own personal use.  Click the link above to find out more.  20,000+ registered customers can't be wrong!

Terminator for Windows Desktop.  Terminator Program Icon

We're pleased to announce our latest program for your Windows Desktop PC. Terminator sets your desktop wallpaper to be an image of where sunrise and sunset are everywhere on the planet.

Just in time for the equinox, you can watch how the days change through the long winter!

Previously available on Windows Phone you can get all the goodness on your PC too!

Terminator on Windows 8 Desktop

MetStats Weather Station Software.  MetStats Program Icon

We've put together a replacement for the EasyWeather software bundled with the Watson W8681 weather station. If you want more reliable software that can send weather updates to your website, please click the link above to find out more.

Software for Business

We've been running a business for over a decade, and we've helped many small businesses and charities around Cambridge, England. Our goal is to simplify the day to day running of any business, and these tools can help.

UK Payroll Software

Payslips for PAYE Tools 

We used to write our own payroll software, but the Inland Revenue has now provided a free tool that they update with any changes. However they didn't include the ability to print payslips for your employees. Now, our new Payslips for PAYE Tools program fixes that.

Educational Software

Sight Reading Challenge Sight Reading Challenge Program Icon

If you are a music teacher, and you want an easy and cost effective way for your students to practice the treble and bass clefs, this program may be the answer for you.  You can purchase a license for this program, and distribute it free of charge to all of your students whom you see face-to-face.  Click the link above to find out more.

Mathematical Flashcards Flashcard Tables Program Icon

If you are a primary school mathematics teacher, and you want an easy and cost effective way for your students to practice their tables, and keep track of how they are doing, this program may be what you are looking for.  The program allow you to select which numbers you want to drill, and points out statistically where there might be problems.  You can purchase a site license for this program for $30 (£20), and distribute install it on all of the computers in your school without any further fees.  Click the link above to find out more.

Students and Teacher versions of Microsoft Office

Do you want cheaper copies of Microsoft Office?.

If you have anyone in your household in full time education or are a teacher, you qualify for special Microsoft Office pricing.

Registered Charities are also eligible for discounts on Microsoft Office.

Product Promotion


ScreenDoodle is a freely redistributable advertising tool, to let your customers relieve stress, and be only a click away from your website. Think of it as a promotion pen for the modern world.

Website Hosting and Broadband

We use 1and1 for reliable and affordable hosting and recommend them to our clients.

Affordable Broadband in the UK

We recently changed our broadband provider away from Clara.Net and are happy with the reliability of the connection, the speed, and best of all the cost. We couldn't believe we could get nearly unlimited offpeak 8MB broadband for only £14.99 per month.

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