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TopDrop Version 2.02 now available

Like a pocket knife for your PC!
With batch image conversion to JPG and other formats. Web log analysis now includes country data for each visitor, IP Tools, and integrated logfile download


Do you have a website, and need to understand your users?

If so, you need TopDrop to make your job easier. Over the years, you will save hours. And the best bit? It won't even cost you much money. A simple onetime payment, and the tools are yours to use. Keep reading to find out more.

Are you using free webstats packages that your ISP provides?

If you are, you're not getting the full picture. The free packages tend to summarize only the first 10 or twenty hits. They make assumptions about what you want to see. With TopDrop, you can drill down to the paths taken by any user to any particular file on your entire website. And you can do this, simply by clicking on the name of the file in the hierarchy of your website.

But it's so much effort to download my stats!

Can't make sense of all that information?

TopDrop can automatically connect to your website, and collect the log files for you. No more connecting by FTP and wading through a huge directory of report files to find the ones you actually want. If your ISP collects logs continually, TopDrop can also download just the portion of the latest log file that has changed, allowing to see what the traffic on your website looks like after you last checked. No more waiting (or hoping) that you'll find out what was causing your visitors problems.

But that's not all! TopDrop automatically decompresses .gz format log files. Not only that; reverse DNS is performed on each IP address, and kept in a cache locally, providing speedy access to the names of the machines that connected to your site. And, if you need to know more, right clicking an address can take you to the whois records.

Take Control Today!

Get on top of your logs!

Still Not Convinced?

TopDrop does much more than WebLog Analysis.

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