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Flashcard Tables

Version 1.11 now available.
Now includes 11's and 12's


Learning with paper flashcards is tedious. You either need another person to help, or you cheat by looking at the answer, or convince yourself you knew the answer. It is also difficult to evaluate whether you're getting better or worse.

With this program, you can practice your multiplication, addition, subtraction and division tables, and try and get into the "Hall of Fame". In addition, the software carefully watches how long it takes you to make each answer, and you can see which problems you were statistically slower on. Armed with this information, you might be able to see where you have to do more work.

The program can be configured in either in-line
flashcards in wide view
or stacked,
flashcards in stacked view
depending on how you select to install the software.

You can choose which of the subset of the ten tables you want to practice, and the program keeps separate high scores for every combination.

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