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Payslips for RTI PAYE Tools

Version 2.27 released.

Print Payslips from HMRC's free RTI tools!
Works with 2017 PAYE Tools!

Works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10!


2017-2018 News

Version 2.27 works with the latest version, after you've updated to the 2017-2018 HMRC tools.

2016-2017 News

On March 31, HMRC changes to the database that's incompatible. We made a fix that allows you to open the file, but as of today (6 April) there is still a warning that appears if you have not yet created a new tax year. If you don't intend to use the HMRC tool for 2017-2018, create a fake employer to allow you to access your historic data.

On January 29, 2017 some users began reporting that the software was issuing errors about the digital signature being invalid. We're still investigating, but in the meantime we've released an interim version 2.26 with no digital signature. This will give you a warning when you download and install, but after that you should be able to produce payslips. We're sorry for the inconvenience

On April 4, we released Version 2.24, which supports the new HMRC database format for 2016-2017. This fixed a couple of bugs that crept in on the April 3, version 2.23 release.

We've also changed our digital certificate the new more secure standard required by Microsoft.

2015-2016 News

On December 7, we released Version 2.22, which fixed a problem with late starters in 2015 having YTD problems.

On April 7, we release Version 2.21. This allows you to connect to the 2015 database which has a new format with regard to paternity pay.

However, it is now possible that the YTD figures are not correct until you've gone to submit your data to HMRC. At that point the Basic PAYE Tools calculates the correct YTD figures, and the payslips will be correct. You don't need to actually submit the data though, just get as far as the login page.

Registered users can download the latest version from our registered users page or by using the download link in your original purchase receipt.

Generate UK Payslips with HMRC Basic PAYE Tools!

Why they didn't include the ability in the software, we can't imagine, but we've come to your rescue. No more retyping data on to pre printed stationary, or hand-writing payslips. Just install our software, and be printing payslips in minutes. Whether you're a small company, or a bookkeeper with just a few clients, this program will save you hours of time.

image of main screen

It's even possible to customize the printouts if you're so inclined, but to begin with, we've included 6 designs to get you started.

The demo version is fully functional, but does not allow you to print, though you can print preview. With the full version we recommend printing to the XPS printer driver on your machine, so you can save a permanent copy of the payslips before printing them.

There are free systems out there. Why should I use yours?

The free systems seem to require you to keep the data on their servers. Are you really happy with posting your employees pay details and addresses on someone else's site? What guarantees do you get from them for a free service? How secure is your data? Who has access to it?

With our system, your data never leaves your own PC. The data is kept in HMRC's own database, and it's local to your PC. If your internet connection goes down, you can still use the software. You aren't dependent on our web servers either. For the tiny investment of only £18.00 it's difficult to see why you wouldn't go for the added security of keeping it entirely on your own systems.

Do you have a Nanny

If so, you are an employer and need to run payroll. This isn't really a lot of work if you use the free HMRC PAYE tools and our software. Make it easy for yourself and get UK Payslips for PAYE Tools today.

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