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Payslips for RTI PAYE Tools

Version 2.28 released.

Print Payslips from HMRC's free RTI tools!
Works with 2018-2019 PAYE Tools!

Works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10!


Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions are listed below.

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How do I get free updates to Payslips for PAYE Tools?

Free updates are available to registered users and organizations from our registered users page at

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How do I use payslips with the RTI version?

The latest version now installs two separate programs. The non-RTI version is still installed, and uses your old settings. The new RTI Version shows up as a separate icon on your desktop labelled Payslips for RTI PAYE Tools. Because of changes made to the database, you must use the new XAML templates installed in the RTI folder.

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What does incomplete in HMRC Tools mean?

This is shown next to every employee who's data hasn't yet been fully calculated. There are two ways to solve this. Either you can click on the employee's pay and deductions record in the HMRC tools, or you can submit the RTI information to the inland revenue.

You'll need to restart the program to refresh the information after you've made the change.

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Can I see other tax years?

At the moment, this is not possible. Customers who were not on the RTI trial can see payslips from 2012-2013 using the non-RTI version of the software. If you were on the RTI Trial, it appears that the HMRC did transfer across 2012 data (but not if you weren't).

Our plan is to support this later in the year, especially, as we move forward to the 2014-2015 tax year, assuming the format does not change again.

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Why can't I see all of my employees?

The software shows all of the employees paid on a given date and payroll run, but it separates the employees paid monthly from those paid weekly. You may (like most people who report this problem) have inadvertently paid some of your employees on a different date. Just pull down the date selector in the middle of the program above the payslip preview, and select another date.

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Some payments are missing after I upgraded to PAYE Tools 2012!

When you upgrade to 2012, and import the new database a new copy of the database is created in a new folder. After you import the data you must also change location of the database in the Payslips program, or else it will continue to point at the old database.

To point to the new database, Choose File | Connect to Payroll Database, press alt + D, and then type %APPDATA%\HMRC\payetools2012\db

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How can I customize my payslips?

We've put a gallery of payslips, and some instructions on how to create your own, on the Payslips Gallery

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Why are some totals zero?

If you notice that Taxable Pay, Basic Pay to date, and PAYE Deductions to date are zero, it's probably because the employee was entered with a Week 1/Month 1 basis tax code. Eventually you will receive a new P6 form from HMRC, which will contain a new tax code that will not be marked Week 1/Month 1. After that the totals will be updated for the year to date from that point forward.

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Where is the PAYE Tools database stored?

Normally, the database is stored in the following location. %APPDATA%\HMRC\payetools\db
the 2012 version stores its data here, which is now the default: %APPDATA%\HMRC\payetools2012\db and finally the RTI version stores its data here: %APPDATA%\HMRC\payetools-rti If you press the Windows key on your keyboard, and press R to open the run box, you can paste the above line in and press enter to navigate directly to the folder.

The database is normally named db.s3db or on the rti version sqlite3.db

The 2014 HMRC RTI Version now tells you the location

If you go to the settings page, the location is listed under Application.

If you are getting the message that you cannot connect, press the cancel button, copy the location from the HMRC tools onto the clipboard, and then paste into the file open dialog.

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Why are biweekly payments labelled weekly?

In versions prior to 1.11 this was the case, but is now supported in the program. The RTI version shows the pay frequency abbreviation used by HMRC

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What happened to the two copies templates?

Some of our customers asked for a way to print two copies onto the same page so they can guillotine them and save a copy for their records. This was a feature in the 2012-2013 version of the software, but due to the many changes in the payslips templates, we're unable to offer this at the moment.

It is possible though to feed the paper back into the printer, and print a second run, and then guillotine them. This takes a tiny bit more time, but consumes the same amount of ink and paper.

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How can I print a single payslip?

From Version 1.06, you can do it by selecting the employee and pay period you want, and then right click the employee and choose Print current payslip. As below, we recommend printing to XPS, so you can then email the printed output to your employee. If you have a PDF printer driver, you could also print to PDF, but that is not included with the payslips software.

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How can I save a permanent copy of a payroll run?

We recommend printing to an XPS file. XPS files are Microsoft's equivalent of a PDF file. Normally, this is already installed on non XP Systems. If you are running on XP, you can download the free Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack from Microsoft.

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