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Version 1.11 now available,

with Degree Day Calculations
Also, bundled is the new Data Viewer!
Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1!


MetStats special introductory offer.

The software works with the Watson W-8681 Wireless Weather Station. We also believe the software should work with the WH-1080, WH-1081 and MyDEL WX2008mk11 stations, but have not managed to verify that yet.

Why can't I just use the EasyWeather software?

The EasyWeather software stores its data in a text file, and only allows one program to access the data at a time. We store our data in an SQL Server CE database, which allows other programs to query the data while new data is being connected.

We've also included a customizable display based on XML, and allow the software to post updates directly to a website.

What can I do with the software?

The lastest version of the software allows you to:

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